For an ordinary person in the field of medicine, literally, everything is not clear, from the doctor's handwriting (I wonder, is there such a special subject of ununderstandable writing in medical universities?) to diagnoses. Even the simplest disease seems to be the size of the universe if it is called by its Latin name.

Fortunately, medicine has begun to actively use technologies that make life easier for both patients and doctors. You do not need to rush during working hours to pick up the test results, they are sent to your email, and to give a demonstration of the disease, various applications are used.


We developed one such application.

MAX - Medical Arts eXperience is a piece of software that helps the doctor show the patient what is wrong with them. You can upload photos and video files into the application, and which the doctor can directly write and draw on. He visually shows the problem and how to treat it.

It is also possible to add documents to keep all customer information in one place.

  • Each doctor has his own virtual office
  • Patient data is confidential
  • All information and documentation is systematic
  • It includes web-based tools for easy content management in hospital wards

The main task for us was to create a custom drawing tool that would be accurate and easy to use. Our team analyzed the needs of doctors and their ways of working to make an application that can be easily used every day.

The web content management tool was also changed: Drupal was replaced by Angular framework for front-end applications and Java / Spring Boot for the backend server. All multimedia content and medical examination data were moved to centralized cloud storage.

The work on the project lasted approximately three months, and five people were involved, including front-end, IOS, and Java developers. The platform needed to be upgraded to the existing technology stack globally. It included an IOS tablet application written on Flex. The obvious solution was to rewrite the application using Swift and native components, making it more understandable to users today. Realm is used in the role of a mobile database, as it includes a free data encryption layer.

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