Hospitality is one of the areas where UX/UI is crucial, as it is primarily aimed at rest and recreation. Our clients from the hospitality industry attempt to make their products not only convenient, but also appealing in order to evoke customers' emotions.

Embrox’s technical department, team of designers and marketers actively cooperate to develop the most effective solutions.

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Embrox has experience in developing software for:

  • Food industry. Facilitation of booking process and customer service as well as systems for the administration of institutions.
  • Travel and tourism. Searching and buying tickets, planning routes, online diaries and open-airs for the tourist.
  • Housing industry. Platforms for booking and service organization have been developed.
  • Meetings and events industry. Software for both process organizers and users
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Since our company has experience in this industry, we will spend less time on the discovery phase.

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