Time And Material

Time and Material (T&M) model is suitable for medium and large projects where clients do not have a full requirements list, requirements change often or the project scope is not yet fully known. T&M is also appropriate for ongoing projects that are in the testing or bug-fixing stages, as well as for those that require maintenance or support.

According to this model, we do an estimate of those parts of the project that can be estimated. We keep all non-estimated parts in a separate list and attempt to have a Rough Order of Magnitude Estimate.

  • Flexible team to meet scope and budget changes
  • Project costs can be lower than a fixed price
  • Enables clients to monitor progress as developers present reports on accomplished work
  • Allows achieving the best results since the final product is built in tight cooperation with the client

Fixed price

The Fixed-price cooperation model is suitable for small projects, MVPs (minimum viable products), or startups that have a well-defined timeline and requirements.

We estimate the time and budget required to deliver a project before development starts and handle all management tasks.

  • Fixed price and scope
  • No extra time/money for management
  • Embrox Solutions owns the risks
  • Predictability. It is much easier to track the state of software development and estimate whether the job will be delivered on time when everything has been discussed and planned ahead of time.
Fixed Price
Dedicated Team

A dedicated team is a business model where a team fully concentrates only on projects for one company at a time.

The client has complete management authority over the project and its team. Typically, the team works from the services provider's office.

  • Closer Partnership Cooperation
  • Complete command over the recruitment, motivation, and management of committed team members.
  • Requests for changes can be made at any time
  • Transparent pricing system
Dedicated Team

What you get with Embrox?


High-quality analysis and assistance with drafting a technical task


Discovery phase within any budget


Team of professional software engineers


Separate department of hardware engineers with extensive experience (electrical engineers, mechanical engineers)


Easy high-quality communication from anywhere in the world


Finished product


Opportunity for further support and improvements