We will help you to implement your fantasies in color-riched web and mobile designs.

User Interface and User Usability Services

We offer professional services of UI/UX Design from down up: starting with the development of information architecture of a website or an app and all the way round to creation of custom icons, illustrations and brand style. Our designers use data from the latest researches on user behavior in order to offer the best design of application and website flows and their structures to make them comfortable and easy to use. Based on the research of color and shape perception we create memorable and attractive styles for your brand.

While working on a website or an app, we start with wireframes and user flows to decide on the basic structure, keeping in mind both usability and business goals of the client. Then we work on style, starting from the homepage or main screen of an app. We take into account many factors: logo style and colors, brand values, desired message to be delivered from the first glance – and, again, usability. Lastly, we design inner pages/other screens, consistent with the chosen style and structure, and create custom details – icons, illustrations, infographics, etc.

On each step, we provide consulting with the client, making as many iterations as needed to reach the desired goal – which is visually attractive and easy to use web page or app, consistent both with user needs and business goals of the client.   

  • Web Design
  • App Design
  • Desktop Software Design
  • Logo and Branding
  • Custom Icons and Infographics
  • Illustration

We have expertise on next fields:

Information Architecture & User Flows

For app or web service usability it’s a key to create the right structure, underlying the visual layer. Without it, the app or the website may look nice but may be very hard to use – and users will go elsewhere. We start with creating basic wireframes and user flows with the latest research in mind in order to avoid such problems.

Visual UI Design

When the structure is agreed on, it’s time to make a website or an app visually attractive. With colors and shapes we create moods, communicate brand values and add individuality to your product or service.

Logo & Branding

Even for the most simple service and offers, you need a strong message that will communicate right values and help find your clients. We design or redesign logos, choose brand colors and overall style that will be the most consistent with services you offer.

Custom Icons & Illustration

The best way to convey individuality is to add small but meaningful details that will help your service stand out among other similar offers. Custom icons and illustrations add emotional tone to your website or app and help keep users loyal to your brand.

Our graphical design and user experience approach:

  • Mockup
  • UI Design
  • UX Review

Tools and Technologies:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Adobe Animate