We are deeply understand, that there are no manufacturing without previous modeling.

Embrox Solutions creates CAD systems from the scratch.

Computer Aided Design Industry

Embrox Solutions focuses on the development of software for CAD, CAM, CAE systems. Our solutions for the computer aided design successfully replace traditional manual drawing and thus increase the efficiency of the automated simulation process. We offer to create new software products based on our SimpleCAD platform.

Key areas of our expertise:

  • In applications, we develop new features for 2D and 3D modeling, extend the existing features of SolidWorks, AutoCAD, QCAD, Solid Edge, SpaceClaim in order to meet individual customer requirements.
  • We have professional experience in visualizing modern CAD data formats.
  • We successfully create CAD client-server solutions with centralized data warehouse, which is equipped with effective information search.
  • Our team combines experts in the sphere of engineering design, as well as developers with great experience in software development and decision-making in applied analytical geometry and structural analysis.
  • Our team is supported by certified specialists from scientific institutions. This allows us to solve particular tasks using a range of professional scientific works.

What Do We Do

2d/3d opportunities for aided design

Our software provides full access to the drawing process. We have developed our own primitives and complex objects, so it is easy to import them to a new challenge.

Adjacent deep mathematical support

We provide object-relationships calculations, optimization for a new file format, best practices in mathematical modeling.

Embedded Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)

All needed product data is embedded in primitives/standalone models, so these prevent errors on modeling / manufacturing stage.

Computer-Aided Verification

Our simulation and analysis capabilities can validate products using specific extra calculations and algorithms.

Communication Format & ERP/CRM integrations

Created baseframe supports DXF CAD format by default. The specific middle software layer can transfer CAD data between ERP/CRM systems.


We are launching our products as usual on all well-known OS platforms. There will be no problems with running software on mobiles.

Mobile Access

Our desktop solutions can be successfully launched on iPads or tablets. End user will enjoy intuitive controls of touch devices.

Cloud-Bases CAD & Security

We can organize access to CAD applications on server-based approach. End user can set, change or revoke individual permissions at any time.