Integrate cutting-edge technologies into the challenges of medicine.

Healthcare Industry

Lately, the IT field has been increasingly integrated with the healthcare industry. Healthcare companies face the challenge of improving staff productivity, providing timely assistance to patients, optimizing management and reducing operating costs.

Thanks to our experience in this field, we create digital solutions that:

  • increase the efficiency of work of medical staff; support decision-making in uncertain situations, which in turn improves patient outcomes
  • optimize management of medical services which, accordingly, reduces unnecessary costs
  • provide remote monitoring of patient's condition.

Key areas of our expertise:

  • Specific mobile application development for visually impaired users
  • Mobile apps solutions for medical staff and patients, which help physicians to support their patients in making better and more informed decisions
  • Cloud based health care application development
  • Medical data management solutions: to control medical and health records
  • EHR and EMR software development
  • Medical portal development
  • Patient Management
  • Appointment scheduling

What Do We Do

Mobile Access

To host a modern multimedia library of disease specific images, videos.

Data Collection, Analytics & Prediction

Collected data sources enable us to rapidly execute prediction models for thousands of similar clinical questions.

Healthcare EMR/EHR

To track and monitor patients records, improve care coordination.

Healthcare CRM

To be able to keep data exchange between patients and clinics

Cyber Security

To protect the function of the connected system against hacks and remote attacks.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Development of glasses device for users with low vision.