Software Testing Services

Well-thought out testing strategies to save development time and customer’s money for maintenance.

Software Testing Services

A well-tested product during development reduces further customer costs. This is the main criterion for the Embrox team, which is achieved by modern approaches to testing methods and QA processes.

Embrox Solutions offers full-cycle testing service for mobile, web and desktop applications. We provide individual approaches for each project where we choose proper tools for:

  • - user acceptance testing
  • - performance examination
  • - system integration testing
  • - documenting and bug tracking

  • Manual Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Testing Documentation Development
  • Dedicated QC teams
  • QA Consulting

We have expertise on next fields:

API Testing

Verify expectations for functionality, reliability. Includes RPC and Web Services testing

Performance Testing

Check how system works under huge number of users, connections, requests

Cyber Security Testing

Check if an information system protects data and if unauthorized access is restricted

Usability Testing

To measure how easily understandable is the system design for end users

Mobile Testing

Testing all modern mobile platforms on real devices as well as over AWS Device Farm

Website Testing

Test the applications that are located on web through the prism of various web browsers

Desktop application Testing

Focus on specific hw environment, different operating systems and conflicts with other software

Business Intelligence Testing

To ensure data completeness, accuracy, consistency, security and reliability

Our QA and testing approach:

  • Sprint Planning
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Test Cases Development
  • Automation Tests Implementation
  • Story Testing
  • Automation Tests Execution
  • Regression Testing
  • Demo

Tools and Technologies:

Atlassian Confluence
Atlassian JIRA
Swagger UI
Usability Studio
CPU Stress
Silk Performer