Smart farming is a new concept that applies to farm management through technologies such as IoT, robotics, drones and artificial intelligence in order to increase product quantity and quality as well as optimize the required human resources.

Our engineers create reliable agricultural solutions that help farmers to harvest greater yield.

The Embrox’s unique advantage is the creation of not only software, but also hardware. We have instances of successful cases with an implemented full product development cycle.

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The Embrox company has experience in developing
solutions for the agricultural sector, which are used for:

  • Precision Farming
    It makes farming more controlled and precise on the basis of the Internet of Things. It provides the possibility of making diverse decisions per square metre or even per plant/animal rather than per field. It helps both to increase pesticides and fertilizers effectiveness and to use them selectively.
  • Precision Livestock Farming
    It allows farmers to better monitor the needs of individual animals and adjust their diets accordingly, therefore preventing diseases and improving herd health.
  • Automation in Smart Greenhouses
    Smart greenhouses are able to control the climate, eliminating the need for humans to be involved. Diverse sensors are installed in order to measure environmental parameters according to the specific requirements of the crop. The data is stored on a cloud platform for further processing.
  • Agricultural Drones
    They provide farmers with insights into a wide range of metrics: plant health metrics, plant counts and yield prediction, plant height measurements, plant cover mapping, field water mapping, exploration reports, stock measurements, chlorophyll measurements, wheat nitrogen content, drainage mapping, weed pressure mapping, etc.
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Since our company has experience in this industry, we will spend less time on the discovery phase.

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