Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.

Mechanical Engineering Services

Great teamwork is the key factor that makes the difference between good and great product. Any consumer product requires a great work of many teams – software, firmware, electrical and mechanical engineers, etc. Each of these is equally important and add its value in design.

Our Mechanical Engineering team offers a wide range of services using different kinds of software. We use either SolidWorks or ProEngineer CAD systems (Computer Aided Design) to create the 3D models, assemblies and drawings for you. We use Geomagic as CAV environment (Computer Aided Verification) to create a comparison reports of the 3D model and real product using scan data (points cloud). Some of the products may require stress analysis to determinate if the part or product is strong enough and would withstand loads as designed. We can run FEA (Final Element Analysis) to verify that there are no areas that could potentially break and reduce overall failure risk.

  • ProEngineer
  • SolidWorks
  • ProMechanica
  • SolidWorks Simulation
  • Geomagic

We have expertise in next fields:

Legacy conversion

If your company needs to switch from one CAD system to another without stopping workflow we are happy to offer our help with this to make it flawless and less painful. We can convert your databases from Inventor, Catia, Unigraphics and other CAD systems into either ProE or Solid Works.

Product design

Our team has 10+ years of experience in the consumer products design. We have dealt with injection molding parts, sheet metal parts, aluminum casting parts, parts for CNC and different kinds of rapid prototyping, etc. Also, we have experience in different grade of IP protected products design including IP67, IP68 and up to IP69K.

Reverse engineering

If you have any part but no a 3D model for it we can help you build one. We can re-model it for you parametrically from scratch using scan data as a reference. Having parametric model vs. non-parametric is an advantage, since it allows you to modify it easier, if you need to do so. After building 3D model we provide a verification report (CAV) to make sure it matches scan data within the required tolerance.


Each product requires at least one prototype before running mass production. Often, it takes more than one iteration. After building 3D model we can help you to build appearance or functional models using different kinds of rapid prototyping. Our partners in China can offer the following services: SLA printing, CNC machining, silicon molding, silk screen printing, painting, full unit assembly, etc.

Main Steps Of Our Approach When We Design For You:

  • Get DRD (Design Requirement Document)
  • Generating concepts
  • Creating ID
  • Make visual model of chosen concept(s)
  • Detailed design for proto based on chosen concept
  • Functional prototype, proof of concept
  • Solving the issues found in prototype
  • Detailed design for mass production

Tools and Technologies:

SolidWorks Simulation