We study and implement solutions for the energy sector.

Particular attention is paid to renewable energy.

Clean Energy Industry

The energy challenge that has occurred due to the reduction of global reserves of organic energy and the negative impact of their use on the climate change of the planet, generates a great variety of business and operational complexities of companies.
Our team solves the tasks management optimization and automation of the decision-making process on energy objects using modern information technologies in the form of systems that support decision making.
Software solutions and cloud services developed by us help companies of traditional and renewable energy to make the most of large amounts of technological data, optimize management processes, solve new tasks and reduce operating costs.

Key areas of our expertise:

  • Our solutions enable you to monitor the production and consumption of energy in real time, which in turn provides the ability to anticipate and prevent breakdowns or industrial accidents.
  • We work with modern protocols that collect, process and transmit data of energy-efficient objects.
  • We have experience in the development of our own hardware used for management and control of power supply objects.

What Do We Do

Data Collection & Preductive Analytics

Efficient planning and advanced control of electricity grids in a dynamically changing utility paradigm of supply and demand.

Sensor Technology

We introduce wireless sensors and communication units into energy systems for data collection, control and exchange in IOT world.

OCPP, PLC, OPC Protocols Support

Communication ways between energy consumers and managing central system.

Cloud Servers Solutions

All computing is implemented on a cloud server. We use cloud repo for historical storage and further analyses.

Billing Service

Possibility to execute payment using web interface, native android/iOS applications or other systems.

Process Automation with Mobile and Web applications

Control of all processes in any part of the world.