Medical Assistant

Industry: Healthcare


A software platform that represents an educational experience for patients via kiosks. The platform includes a mobile tool for doctors that contains multimedia items like photos, images, reference documents, and videos that help to support the patient’s educational process.

During the examination, doctors can visually familiarize patients with problems and treatments.

It also includes web tools for convenient content management in hospital departments.


The customer had a solution that allowed medical representatives to personalize every patient examination. With the increase in consumer needs, the platform needed to expand the system functionality and interactivity. Also, with the growing number of users, the customer faced non-competitive application speed due to deprecated technologies and needed to upgrade the system.

The improvement of the user experience was an important reason to rewrite the then solution from scratch.


The Embrox development team had analyzed the needs of the customer and formed a team that included front-end, IOS, and Java developers. The platform needed to upgrade the existing technology stack globally. It included an IOS tablet application written on Flex. The obvious solution was to rewrite the application using Swift and native components, more understandable to users today. Realm is used in the role of a mobile database, as it includes a free data encryption layer.

The web content management tool was also changed: Drupal was replaced by the Angular framework for front-end applications and Java/Spring Boot for the backend server.

All multimedia content and medical examination data were moved to centralized cloud storage.

Key features

  • Supplies data to EMR systems
  • Saves doctor’s time and leads to improved decisions
  • Dashboard for monitoring and configuring the system
  • Displaying media content within the iPad application
  • Interactive sessions with patients and storing session outputs in the centralized cloud storage
  • Protects session data with end-to-end encryption


Our customer successfully delivered the developed solution to the end clients.

As a result, Embrox got new functional developing tasks; the solution began to attract users from other areas of medicine.



Software Development
Back-End Development
Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
UI/UX Design
Technical Support


Spring Boot
RestFull API