Face Recognition Device

Industry: Media & Entertainment


Expandable solution, for time registration, based on face recognition. Automatic determination of a person and the ability to generate employment reports. There is possible integration with third-party extensions and binding with running applications on PC. Valuable is the application which scans launched application on the desktop, bind them with individuals and generates reports.


The team faced the task of implementing a face recognition with limited hardware performance.
Another challenge was to pick up an appropriate cluster to implement a face recognition project.
Recognition speed and overall performance was important in order to accurately calculate time without accumulating error.
Responsiveness and resistance to high loads.
Multiple face recognition support.
An important task was to determine the current launched applications and, accordingly, to log a time which user spends on an application.


Embrox decided to split the project on separate sub-project, among them: back-end, front-end, the desktop listener.
The Team have created a platform, which works on desktop PC (with usage of regular USB camera) as well as on limited linux platforms (for instance, raspberry PI). Also, the system designed to works asynchronously, so it computes captured images in the background.

Key features

  • Registration of a new user (user management)
  • User confirmation / merging recognition results
  • WiFi access to dashboard
  • Report generation
  • Possibility to extend desktop applications


The application has started to be used in alpha testing mode.
This solution showed that it is working stably and is possible for use as an automated logging system.

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Mechanical Engineering
Software Development
Firmware Development
Machine Learning
Deep Neural Networking
Back-End Development
Web Application Development
UI/UX Design

Technologies and Platforms

RestFull API
Raspberry Pi