• Designing a platform with three distinct tiers for different user groups (end users, station partners, system owners) required careful structuring to ensure seamless functionality and user-friendliness across the board.
  • Providing real-time updates on charger availability, status, and charging progress demanded a reliable and fast communication system between the charging stations and the application to ensure accurate and timely information for users.
  • Ensuring a secure and user-friendly payment system within the mobile app required integrating diverse payment methods while maintaining stringent security protocols to protect user data and transactions.
  • Design a good scale cloud infrastructure. As the system grows with the number of chargers, it is crucial to support the growth, performance, security, and innovation required in the electric vehicle ecosystem.


  • Users can easily find nearby charging stations, review their availability and get directions to it within the app.
  • Users can monitor charging transaction details and stop process in any time.
  • Charging station partners can monitor station usage, track energy consumption, handle payments, and generate reports, enabling efficient operation and maintenance of their charging infrastructure.
  • The platform collects and analyzes data from charging sessions, offering valuable insights into usage patterns, energy consumption, and infrastructure performance.


  • Our team structured the platform into three tiers to meet the specific needs of station partners, owners, and system administrators.
  • We developed OCPP protocol on the server side to communicate with the charger. This protocol allows the system to receive charger status updates, heartbeat checks, charging transaction details and so on.
  • We used AWS best practices for the OCPP platform systems to build highly-scalable, low-latency electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator system.


Embrox has successfully delivered an EV charging platform with user-friendly design, along with good scalability and security. The developed cloud infrastructure efficiently supports the increasing number of chargers, addressing the demands of a rapidly expanding EV ecosystem. The cloud server provides real-time updates on charger availability, status, and charging progress, guaranteeing accurate and timely information for users.
The strategically implemented Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) on the server side enhances communication between charging stations and the application, contributing to the seamless flow of information. This achievement not only ensures the platform's current effectiveness but also positions it for future growth, innovation, and continuous performance enhancements.
In summary, Embrox has delivered an EV charging platform that not only meets present challenges but also anticipates and adapts to the dynamic landscape of the electric vehicle industry. This integrated solution stands as a testament to our commitment to user satisfaction, system scalability, and sustained innovation.
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