• Ensuring accurate and real-time information on available charging stations.
  • Providing users with specific details about which charging stations are suitable for their particular EV model.
  • Facilitating secure and seamless payment options for charging sessions within the app.
  • Allowing users to maintain a personalized profile to track their charging history, bookings, and preferences.


  • Easily reserve charging stations for electric vehicles through the app. Users can select their desired location, check availability, and book in advance.
  • The app provides compatibility information, ensuring you choose a station that supports your vehicle's charging requirements.
  • The app uses GPS technology to identify the closest available options for quick and convenient charging.
  • The app provides information on available amenities, such as the number of charging points, power output, and additional services.
  • It offers secure and seamless payment options, allowing users to pay for charging sessions directly through the platform.
  • Maintain a personalized profile within the app, keeping track of your charging history, bookings, and preferences for a personalized charging experience.


  • The Embrox team integrated GPS for real-time location services to identify available charging stations. Subsequently, they developed the collection and display of detailed infrastructure information for each charging station to assist users in decision-making. They implemented secure and seamless payment options integrated directly into the application.


An efficient reservation system was created, designed to optimize the process of booking charging stations for electric vehicles.
Accurate compatibility information was ensured to ascertain the selection of suitable charging stations for the specific electric vehicle models.
We provided secure payments and a personalized profile management system for an expanded and individualized charging experience.
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