A state-of-the-art dating app that allows you to match and instantly meet new people who are visiting the same venue. It is the first app ever that allows you to have an instant date and meet new people in real time.


The client expected us to do fast and accurate work within the expected time frame.

  • Highly customized Google Maps.
  • App behavior changes based on the distance between a user and a venue.
  • Objectified photos detection.
  • High responsiveness.
  • Real-time support of 10 000 users.


We went over a lot of possible ways to solve the problems and challenges posed to us, and chose the most optimal ones:

  • For the card animation, we did not use a ready-made library but wrote everything from scratch.
  • Google Maps - we decided to customize Google Maps and remove all distracting objects in the map, so it is easy for the user to find necessary venues.
  • To detect objectified photos we used Amazon Rekognition which automates image analysis to detect inappropriate content.
  • Chat fully based on the firebase. Users can communicate with each other in real time.
  • Game between users, firebase almost without the backend.
  • In the course of the development, we used a lot of trigonometry to calculate distance.
  • Twilio integration.
  • To support that number of users we used a PostgreSQL database which is suitable for the load that the app has. Also from the beginning, we had the vision of what the relational database would look like and we decided that an SQL database will be more suitable than a noSQL one.
  • The app was built using React Native which allows it to support an IOS as well as an Android version of the app.
  • Our QA specialist did a great job testing the app at every stage of its development to make sure that it is responsive, seamless, and has no bugs.

Key features

  • User profile
  • Filters. The user can filter other users by sex, age, interests, location with the regard to the user's venue
  • Geolocation
  • Highly customized and interactive map
  • Swiping cards
  • Matching algorithm
  • Compatibility score based on 5 questions
  • Game users can play with one another
  • Chatting
  • Firebase authentication
  • Verification via mobile number
  • Push Notifications with a press action
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Handy recommendations to make yourself more successful on the platform


We have managed to create a highly responsive social-network-like app which provides its users with a completely new experience and works flawlessly both on Android and IOS.

A prominent part of the product is its geolocation feature that allows the user to tag themselves in the existing location, see other people around, match, and meet for a quick chat right away. After that it is up to the user to decide whether this is a connection they want to maintain or not.

The user can find a necessary venue either from a search screen or Google Maps; look up the info about it (user count, venue photos and special offers, as well as the distance to it); navigate to the venue, and finally – check in. When the user is checked in, they see swiping cards with people that are also checked in the same venue. When there is a match between people, they can have a chat, or play a game. Application also provides a functionality of editing profile, as well as setting various filters for venues and blocking other users.

Thus, the Embrox team managed to achieve the client's goal supporting them with immediate feedback. We are convinced that the app will certainly find its devotees, since it is unlike any other dating app on the market.



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BackEnd Development
Mobile Application Development


React Native
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