Why join the Embrox team?

The name Embrox comes from the word «embroidery» since embroidery plays an important part in Ukrainian culture. Embroidery is a process of creating something new, painstaking and focused work. It requires systematic character, investing part of yourself, and, of course, creativity. This resonates with what we do.

It is important for us to show the origin of our company and demonstrate to the world that specialists from Ukraine are skilled and reliable.

Healthcare, smart homes, telecommunications, logistics, ecology, devices for children’s development — we do not just write code, we want to make the world a better place.

Why be part of the Embrox team:

  • Since the company is in the development stage, the top positions are not occupied, so there are opportunities to grow
  • The employees can see the results of their work, and often even hold them in their hands, since a lot of projects are hardware ones
  • Competitive pay due to lack of multilevel management
  • Flexible work schedule, the ability to combine it with studying
  • Cozy office with well-developed infrastructure around
  • Loyalty programs
  • Ambitious plans of the company
  • Teambuilding, travel

Come to the Embrox side;)