TOP 5 Agritech Startups to Watch in 2023

Agriculture technologies are developing quite rapidly. An increasing number of enterprises are implementing Smart Farming systems. It provides ample opportunities for the development of new startups in agritech sector. Here are some of them, which deserve attention in 2023.

Mooo farm 

MoooFarm is an award winning agritech start-up offering end to end last mile connectivity solution. MoooFarm app calculates farmer’s cost and revenue, maps the breeding life cycle of cattle, sends need based alerts, manages accounts and offers smart learning solutions. The app is developed to solve dairy industry’s key challenges of herd productivity, lack of awareness/access and milk traceability. It leverages data analytics and harnesses the power of big data to create an immediate impact on the productivity and income of smallholder dairy farmers. Timelines for each cattle are maintained allowing farmers to make informed decisions using data analytics such as health cards, breeding graphs, growth charts, and performance charts.



We are a deep tech organisation building products in agritech industry, a digital community of farmers and agriculture stakeholders.

Our Kisan App is India's first social network for farmers helping them discuss their cropping issues with peers from a similar background and interest, ask questions related to agriculture from a pool of experts on battling crop diseases or pest attacks in their crops, etc. This helps them to gather best practices for growing contemporary crops. Krishify uses on-the-fly machine learning algorithms to offer a personalised experience to farmers on their Kisan app.

For businesses, we offer Krishify Business Suite, a SaaS tool for them to run effective marketing and engagement campaigns targeting farmers, and get access to the largest database of farmers in India.


Arya is India’s leading Agritech which has been working at the farmgate to strengthen agriculture value chains through its integrated range of services. Driving technology through a human-centred approach, Arya’s Agritech and Fintech platform leverages technology to bridge the Last Mile. Through its profitable business model with over 5.0 million tonnes of storage capacity across 5,500 warehouses in 21 Indian states, Arya helps farmers, aggregators, Farmer Producer Organisations, food processors and end-user corporates avoid post-harvest losses. Powered through its platform,, it efficiently connects the supply side of the Agro ecosystem with the demand side through a comprehensive portfolio of agri-services. Arya assists sellers of agri-commodities to avoid distress sale of produce by extending post-harvest credit. It has completed loan disbursements of over Rs 4400 Crores. It’s integrated and easy-to-use platform also helps users to choose ancillary services like warehouse management, access to finance, quality testing, storage protection services, and connects produce to buyer through a robust technology-enabled back-end ecosystem.



The Digital Agronomist provides proven, scientific plant nutrition guidelines and product solutions for nearly any crop and location in Africa.

It optimises the capacity of crop advisors and product suppliers to effortlessly expedite and tailor plant nutrition guidelines to serve more farmers better.

Skudu is a developer of agricultural technology to merge deep farming know-how with cloud computing. The company's technology can interpret the results of a soil sample, can keep track of the farm, and provides management tools, enabling farmers to significantly lower the input costs and protect the environment by optimising fertiliser application globally.


Apollo Agriculture 

Apollo Agriculture is a technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya that helps small-scale farmers maximise their profits. Apollo bundles everything a farmer needs: financing, farm inputs, advice, insurance, and market access, when possible. Satellite data and machine learning enable better credit decisions, and automated operations keep costs low and processes scalable.

These startups have received extensive funding and, therefore, are at the growth stage right now. Our Embrox company has vast development experience in the agricultural industry. You can get agritech with our cases and proposals here.


Our company, Embrox, has also been involved in the development of IoT devices in the agritech field. We will show you a few of them.

SITE SENTRY holds comp rehensive data about the company's various branches, including the positions of entry and exit sensors, employee personal information, work schedules, as well as monitoring and generating reports on visits.
This tool is primarily aimed at assisting farmers who manage extensive agricultural landscapes, where overseeing employees' activities can be challenging. Additionally, a pivotal feature of this device is to dispatch alerts that ensure worker safety, such as in instances of gas leaks.


SCANNING SUITCASE is a tool utiliz ed in agricultural settings during the harvest season. Its primary purpose is to recognize harvesters, note the timing of harvest and packaging activities, with all captured information subsequently uploaded to the cloud.
A battery life that spans an entire day.

Eliminates the need for the OpenCV library.

Illuminates QR codes using LED backlighting.

Offers adaptable scanning algorithm customization through a dedicated configuration file.

Achieves rapid measurement speeds.

Supports Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates through the accompanying mobile application.