Stay with Ukraine

We live in the time, which will definitely be included in the textbooks on the history of Ukraine. We have a strong belief that those books will be read by children in peaceful Ukraine, in Ukrainian Crimea, Donbass and Luhansk region.

Just a month ago we were making plans of expansion and repair of our office, but now we do not even have a clue whether it would still be undamaged.

The whole world is keeping an eye on the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Neither is it a protection nor peacekeeping mission - it is a war of aggression, which is so unfair and, as it seemed, impossible to be real in the modern world.

Russia shoots civilians - peaceful people, including women and children, who have no chance to protect themselves.

There is no justification for these actions

Also, we have a desire to express our deep thankfulness to all of our clients for the help to our army. They instantly agreed to support the Ukrainian army and contribute to the struggle for peace in Ukraine. We highly appreciate it!

Here are some ways how to support Ukraine

Slava Ukraini! #StandWithUkraine 🇺