7 years with Embrox. Interview with our mobile developer - Daria Ostapenko

Our company has been existing for 7 years. We have been through a long way and we can assert confidently that our most valuable resource is people. No matter what the office is like or where we are, Embrox is our team. The recent events have also added special value to it. 

Daria has been working with the company from almost the first days. She went through all stages of the company's formation with us, so we would like to ask her a few questions.

What do you like most about Embrox?

The opportunity to try myself in different areas: as a developer, as a project manager and as a project coordinator. I enjoy the opportunity to develop in several different directions. I started working as an Android developer, but managed to try myself as a Java developer and as a Flutter. It is crucial for me to become not just a full-time employee without a name, but to feel my own contribution to the company’s development. 

Why have you made a decision to work at Embrox?

I started working at Embrox during my fourth year of university. As a student, I developed an interest in writing programs, so I decided to give myself a try. There was a vacancy in Embrox and I was hired as a trainee.

What advice would you give to newcomers in the IT field?

During the first years of work I spent a lot of time on self-study. This is a part of my life today as well. It can never be too much. Here’s a tip: never stop on what is already learned and do not quit learning.


What ridiculous/curious story has happened over the years?

One day, in the early years of the company, I ordered a cake for the company's founder's birthday. I deliberately picked the one in the company’s colours. There were wonderful orange balls on it, which turned out to be inedible. However, this turned out only when several employees, including the birthday boy, started trying them at the same time. Fortunately, all the teeth remained intact.

What did you like to do the most? What was the project?

We once had a project related to geo navigation. It was necessary to walk, take the public transport, ride a bike and even run with the application in order to check it. Well, the whole team was engaged in testing. It was so fun and unusual. We were able to see the deliverables of our work in our daily life.

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