Programs and devices for builders and architects

The victory of Ukraine is accelerating every day and behind it there will be a great and friendly reconstruction of our country. We are convinced that we will definitely rebuild cultural monuments, houses and roads by joint efforts as well as with the help of other countries that are already helping us incredibly. Therefore we would like to inform you about several programs and devices, which will be useful for architects and builders.


This application unites the entire construction team. Its significant advantage is the ability to perform all administrative tasks. It is possible to manage schedules and daily magazines, change orders and send photos of any size. You can also create requests for payments, orders and purchases. The overview of statistics and progress is also available. The files can be sent even without creating an account - only six-digital code is needed. The number of sendings is unlimited and the files are not stored in the cloud, which ensures data security.


Fieldwire enables builders to sort tasks, track problems and share photos. This application has an HD viewer for plans, drawings, markups and RFI. Users are able to create detailed checklists and examination reports, manage three-week project plans and construction work lists. 

The application allows users to control costs and track time. The possibility to save the project in the archive once it is completed is also essential.

DEWALT Mobile Pro

This is a professional calculator for people in the construction industry. Fast and accurate calculations are crucial for masons, plasterers, roofers and other construction professions. The ordinary calculators do not provide professionals with needed functions. Therefore, it is possible to choose a profession in DEWALT Mobile Pro, which allows the use of special formulas to evaluate materials and works adjusted according to needs. For instance, it is possible to calculate the required amount of concrete or paint. It is significant that all openings, such as windows or doors are subtracted from the final surface area.

Bubble Level

It is convenient to have most of the needed tools on the phone without the necessity to have a lot of other devices. That is why Lemondo Entertainment's Bubble Level is a must-have application designed to test surfaces in order to determine its smoothness. However, the calibration of the phone is needed first. If any of the four sides of your iPhone or iPad is placed on an object, a certain numerical angle and its location at 360 degrees are obtained. The application may glow or beep while registering level indicators.



PlanGrid is a plan viewer, in which users can download PDF-drawings, create annotations and save progress photos. It is possible to synchronize your work with other team members’ devices. Users are also able to create checklists and compare sheets in this application. In addition hyperlinks to all footnotes are made automatically. 

Window Design Creator for photos 

Custom CAD system created by Embrox team. The final product is a Client-Server solution for the computer-aided design of doors / windows / blinds. The app provides the user with a possibility to create an order locally and send it to the server for production. An offline mode gives an opportunity to work locally without connection with the server. This application also allows users to scale their business, reduce training time, create custom designs for clients and control the quality of production.



Leica BLK360 is the smallest and the lightest laser scanner, weighing just one kilogram. It is used for image processing and is integrated with iPad to capture panoramic 3-D images in high resolution. It operates 360 000 scanning points per second, providing standard resolution as well as full dome scan in less than 3 minutes. 


Bosch Tools

Heated jacket PSJ120 12 V Max withstands heavy rain and wind, which is crucial while working outdoors. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and the heating level is regulated with buttons. The five pockets are designed to store electronics that can be powered and charged with the built-in USB-compatible device.


SmartCap technologies

It is an essential device for monitoring the employee’s health. LifeBand is imperceptibly inserted in the helmet and measures the EEG level of the employee. SmartCap is necessary in order to eliminate microsleep and napping while working as it may be dangerous. Bluetooth-enabled technology provides us with the possibility to track progress, which is aimed to support employee health initiatives.

Smart helmet

Smart Helmet includes Daqri's Intellitrack software, which uses data from 360° helmet navigation cameras. That is why it displays the entire construction site to its user, as well as notifies the user of any maintenance requirements.

Multiple Smart helmets models can be integrated, which means that builders on large-scale projects can stay connected through a common helmet interface instead of having to deal with endless paperwork. In addition, construction companies can also develop their own programs for working with helmets.