Interesting things on kickstarter

We admire people who not only speak, but also actually do something. The million reasons why it is not worth even trying may be found, but the only reason to risk may justify all the efforts with excess in all probability. Kickstarter is a platf orm that unites people who are looking for opportunities to bring their ideas to reality. We have chosen a few projects that seem to be interesting to us.

ProHa Fitness Mirror: More for At-Home Fitness 

We have already lived up to the times when artificial intelligence may become your personal trainer, who can ‘live’ in your mirror. Is it some kind of magic? No, it is a new start up, which can possibly end up in your own home.

ProHa fitness mirror is a stay-at-home gym. It has one-on-one professional instructor training courses. With AI technology, ProHa fitness mirror can monitor and correct the user's movements in real-time to ensure that the user's training movements are standardised. ProHa mirror can also customise a personal training program for users. It is the perfect personal gym for everyone.

It comes with brand new designs. The 24mm extremely thin body and the streamlined design are beyond the past. The 60-inch extreme high-definition bright mirror makes the fitness mirror become a luxurious full-length mirror when it’s off. HiDong brings the breakthrough 5A mirror technology that no one has and allows you to start your fitness mirror with only one touch.


Abacus Series by Pentaform: Full Computer within a Keyboard 

Do you remember those enormous system units that were put under the table? They were buzzing,heating up and the dust was constantly stuffed in them. Cats were fond of sleeping next to them. Nowadays, cats are supposed to find another place of deployment as the system unit fits the keyboard.

Infinite Connect allows the keyboard to slide on and off the computer module without the need for WIFI or bluetooth connections, allowing you to sit back on your sofa and use the keyboard without getting caught up in the wires. It is based on 2.4 GHz connectivity, paired right out of the box and always stays connected to your Abacus Basic. The cables stay connected to the PC unit, so you can avoid staring at your cable (mis) management. When you need to charge the keyboard and trackpad, all you need is a USB power supply and a micro USB cable.

And it works right out of the box! All you need is a 18W or more PD power supply and your favourite display.

Pre installed with Windows 10 & compatible with Linux.


KTBox - The Redefined Self-Cleaning Litter Box 

Once again we are talking about cats. I suppose you will agree that the best is for cats! Therefore, this startup is undoubtedly worth your attention as well as your donations.

Introducing KTBox, the self-cleaning litter box with odor control. It utilises a unique carbon filter that traps odors as it cleans, ensuring the area near the litter box stays fresh and clean for up to 90 days. Plus, with convenient smart app features and super easy clean-up, it is the self-cleaning litter box that you will actually use!

With KTBox, you never have to scoop while always having a clean litter bed for your feline friends. Just one click via the panel or mobile app and KTBox will do the job for you, so you can sit back and enjoy life. Your cats deserve the best potty place in the world - and KTBox is it!

When a cat approaches KTBox, it automatically turns off its scooper mechanism so that your kitty can safely do its business. Once the cat exits and it is safe to do so, KTbox will turn back on to clean up the mess left behind!


iGulu | Smart, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery 

Nobody can be surprised by a home coffee machine, but what about a beer machine? Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and making a glass of beer…well, ok, it should be better done in the evening.

Using only the highest quality of beer brewing ingredients, you'll be able to select your recipe from a library of hundreds of master recipes and, with the push of a few buttons, you'll have perfect beer in as little as one week. Fully customizable and community-integrated, it will change the way you both brew and experience beer for the rest of your life!

Our goal has always been to create a one-stop-shop where craft beer enthusiasts can simply and effortlessly brew amazing tasting beers without having to be a master brewer. While most beer brewing machines have their body, kegs, and some variable components that require a steep learning curve to be mastered, it combines both the "Brewing Tank" and the "Fermentation Tank" into one unique, structurally advanced body. Through the LCD screen, mashing tank window, and the app, you can easily program, monitor, and create a brick-and-mortar brewing experience in your very own kitchen!


LeviZen - Levitate water & feel zero gravity 

Let us start with the fact that it is appealing and meditative and it even seems to be a violation of all laws of physics. Just imagine such a lamp on your desktop... although there will definitely be no work then.

We’d like to think that LeviZen brings outer space to your desk by giving you the chance to experience water in zero gravity in person for the first time. Meticulously crafted from fine walnut wood and precision machined aluminum, LeviZen is fundamentally a liquid levitator using high frequency sound waves which are not audible to our ears.

When observed, water is a magical material, it’s formless and it adapts it’s shape to the object it’s poured in. But when it’s suspended in the air, its character is unveiled and all of a sudden you can see water for the first time.

Let’s take up a notch. Not only can LeviZen levitate water and liquids in general, but it can also make them light up in the air as well. The two spot LEDs placed in the base of the levitator targeted right at the levitating drop, make the drop glow like a light source as if the light itself is levitating.


Coturn Portable Record Player 

The coturn CT-01 introduces a new portable turntable, which will be essential for your next digging trip but it will also work just as fine as your record player of choice at home. An outstanding turntable, designed by vinyl fans for vinyl fans.

Our dream was to create a portable turntable that sounds great, that looks great, that is solid and more than a fragile piece of plastic and that also works as a listening device at home. Two years ago we were holding the first functioning prototype of the coturn in our hands. Since then we went through a seemingly endless and tiring evaluation period. Trial runs to improve the quality of the device up until we finally got to the point where we had created a turntable that meets our high expectations. So we're happy to share the CT-01 from coturn with you.


Since our Embrox team has an extensive experience in creating startups and not only the software part, but also hardware, we are aware of the value each above mentioned thing has. Therefore, we sincerely hope that all these items will reach the shelves of the shops.