What should be done in order to be able to do something?

High performance is usually like a mythical creature - everyone talks about it, it theoretically exists, it was seen by acquaintances of acquaintances , but no one met it in person. 

Honestly reported 8 productive working hours a day with a break for a healthy lunch and a few coffee breaks, and so on five days a week and numerous working days a year except for vacation. 

If stable productivity used to be something almost unreal, the situation is complicated by a full-scale war now.  

Everyone has their own level of stress resistance, but there is probably no person who has not been affected by these events.

A few days ago we held an online meeting for our employees in order to tell them about the life hacks on how to increase productivity under modern circumstances. 

Why is stable high performance especially significant for IT workers?

  • IT is one of the main areas, on which the economy is based;
  • The amount of revenue to the state depends on each of us;
  • Even the money we spend on ourselves makes turnovers of funds in the country and we provide Ukrainian businesses with opportunities to work;
  • A great attention is paid to Ukrainians throughout the world, so we should demonstrate foreign clients the ability of Ukrainians to work at a high level.

It would be strange to have the same level of productivity now as in peacetime. Still, we must understand that this is temporary and our victory will be soon, but until then we should work hard. Eat chocolate and keep working.

Let’s feel sorry for ourselves after our victory.

Of course, you can choose whether to patiently wait for Digital Muse, which is definitely not in a hurry to come or to speed up its arrival. 

A few tips and life hacks on how to increase your productivity.

  • Start working at the same time everyday regardless of circumstances. At least turn on the computer and do one action.
  • Check mail (messengers) and contact all possible people on work issues, so that they can get you during the day and you are forced to work.
  • Useful procrastination. Think about the way of procrastination in advance. For instance, browse dribble for designers, or kickstarter for developers.
  • The 5 minutes rule. Agree with yourself that you will work for only 5 minutes. Then it drags you in and the brain pours in work and can be productive for hours.
  • Divide the work into complex, one that requires consideration, and mechanical, which is not difficult. In times of low efficiency you should complete mechanical work. In times of high efficiency do not waste time for mechanical work and complete the most complex tasks. 
  • Make small rewards for completed work - from candies to new socks.
  • The news should be watched at a certain time, preferably in the afternoon.
  • Keep only one news channel that you trust the most.
  • Determine what you can help with and what you have no control over. Concentrate on what you can do and do it.
  • Start treating your moral source as a material one. If you need to buy a new sweater or headphones in order to increase your moral source - do it and consider it to be a contribution to your productivity. 
  • Sport. Trite but true.
  • Walking, working outdoors or at least sitting by the window (if there is no air alarm).
  • If you work from home, get out of your pyjamas and brush your teeth ;)
  • Arrange a workplace, preferably not in bed.
  • “Eat that frog” - an advice from Brian Tracy. That is, first of all you need to complete tasks, which you are the most unwilling to do. In that way you will get the first pleasure from what you did, and save yourself from procrastination.

This list of tips can be extended. In addition, everyone has their own life hacks of what they should do in order to be able to do something. Some people are inspired by certain books, some people are watching their favourite TED Talks. Some people have their own symbolic secret rituals of invoking the Muse. In any case, all methods are acceptable as long as they are legal.

Wish us pleasant work and a quick victory!