End year results

This year we did more than we had planned. 2021 was for us especially active, fast, and full of changes and improvements. 

We want to move forward because it is not achievements that are important, but development.

  • Over the year, we have grown by 75% (our planned minimum for 2022: a gradual controlled growth by another 50% (mostly the firmware department))
  • Increased working space by 50% (plan to increase the space by at least 100% next year)
  • This year we started 35 projects and developed two devices
  • Finally, the departments of PMO, marketing, and HR started to be separated and formed
  • Started developing our startup
  • Expanded partnerships in the Lviv market
  • Laid the foundation for cooperation with local universities: we plan to provide technical courses in several areas

See you in 2022 at the same speed;)