Digital Marketing in IT with examples and processes

These days the competition in the IT industry is so high that Clutch and Crunchbase seem to run out of space soon. Marketers are panicking and trying to use all possible and impossible channels to highlight mobile and web development. Cost-per-click is going up to cosmic proportions. Ratings are overflowing with those wishing to fall into the top positions. By hook or by crook they ensure that they are the only ones who are creating the best codes, the most convenient UX and the most flawless development.

The truth is that most companies are really providing services of high quality and some of them are on the same level with equal rankings. Therefore, since the cooperation is remote, the competitor is the whole world. That is why marketing plays the key role as no matter how wonderful professionals are, potential clients need to find out about them.

Marketing types in the IT industry

Internal - is aimed at employees’ comfort in the company in order for them to stay for a long period as well as have motivation and desire to develop professionally. This marketing type is tightly connected with HR departments’ work. We put it first as people are widely known to be the most crucial.

Basic stuff included in the internal marketing:


Onboarding process - the process of hiring an employee. Presentations, welcome boxes, rules, showing around the office, acquaintance with colleagues.

Presentation of projects to employees is an essential stage that has a positive influence on employee’s motivation. Telling in the presentation (perfectly offline) about the new project’s pros and cons, benefits from it for the company and how it can be interesting for the team itself.

Review of the projects. The inferences are worth making after the project's completion. As an option in the format of sharing, during which each team member is able to tell about their successes as well as failures. It is necessary for employees to see and feel their results, get praise or constructive feedback.

Company’s achievements and updates. It is crucial for the team to be informed about the company's development, new important clients, interesting projects and other significant changes and processes, what the company is focused on right now and what plans for the future it has.

Courses, training, lectures. One of the greatest problems in the IT industry is that employees reach a certain level and stop on it. Therefore, training is an essential part of the process.

Team building events. There are already legends about them in IT companies, but it is them that create a friendly atmosphere in the team, bring people together and help to turn work into a favourite job.

Gifts, Bonuses. Well, everything is simple here. All people like gifts. If these gifts are with the company's logo on them, it is even an additional advertisement.

External marketing for the clients - aims at the attraction of new clients, preservation of past clients as well as gaining repeat orders and recommendations.


External marketing for the recruitment - aimed at finding and attracting employees.


Project’s marketing

Marketing department is involved in the project from the moment of signing the agreement with the client. Marketer communicates with the client directly or through PM, depending on how the processes are set in the company.

Main marketing stages of the project, division of responsibilities, further communication and tracking the success and updates.


Each platform has its own specific characteristics. Accordingly, not only should the case be prepared in compliance with their requirements, but also should not lose its own style.

The example of posting one case on diverse platforms.

Marketing is not just a creative flight of imagination and appealing pictures, it is also a general marketing environment , clearly set processes, division of responsibilities, established communication in the team and determined deadlines. The desired outcome can only be gained by coordinated and systematic work in all directions.