Concern for client’s data

There is a full-scale war in Ukraine, so the security issue is in the first place. Besides the safety of people, which is definitely a priority, the security of client’s data and stable performance is crucial for us.

It’s not a secret that a lot of foregin companies have ceased cooperation with Ukrainian IT companies or agree to proceed with their projects only when the employees have been relocated abroad.

But there are still even more companies that support Ukrainians and help both financially and mentally. They continue cooperation and plan to pursue it in the future. Thanks to such companies, the Ukrainian IT sphere brings significant funds to the economy of Ukraine.

We are fortunate to have such clients and that is why we follow all security measures as much as possible in order for data to be saved and for work to be delivered on time without delays.

We have developed the system and highlighted the key points:

  • Office infrastructure:

- Uninterruptible power supply

- Alarm system

  • IT infrastructure:

- Backup communication lines for offices

- Mobile means of communication

- Satellite internet

  • Preparation of our users:

- All data is and should be backed up

- All means of communication should be installed on mobile carriers

  • All employees have been instructed on safety measures and activities in a crisis situation. The reaction and relocation in the safe place in case of an air alert is compulsory.
  • Management bodies

- Reaction to news and preparation of the response

- Self-organisation

We would opportunely like to mention our regular communication with clients, reports and reviews. We are always striving to be in touch and keep clients informed about the processes of performing the work.

All projects are currently being carried out in accordance with the planned schedule and are delivered within the determined deadlines.

We are proud that not only all our clients pursued cooperation with us, but also we received more than ten new projects.