CAD systems for builders, building design software

Technologies are constantly developing as well as client’s demands. If previously some technical drawings were enough, today clients would like to be also able to see visual models of houses or apartments with all possible details. However, it’s also noteworthy that presentation of the visualisation is also useful for builders and architects themselves. It is possible to design houses and create interior designs with the help of 3D modelling. Some programs provide the possibility of adjusting lightning effects and taking into consideration the influence of external forces on the building.

Additionally, design software automates overall processes, adds dimensions as well as additional construction details. This leads to time savings and increases the efficiency of work. It facilitates administrative work as well, so all projects are systematised and stored in one place.

CADs frequently have libraries of ready-made solutions that also simplify work and increase efficiency.

In addition, software for builders and architects may contain Interactive Features:

  • The option of adding voice messages/instructions to building plans.
  • The possibility of adding pop-up text reminders with details and footnotes.
  • The possibility of posting pop-up photos that help to visualise the plan quickly or to explain the situation or condition of the object to the performer.

However, it is crucial to choose the software properly for effective work:

  • It should not contain superfluous functionality.
  • It should comply with the latest standards.
  • It should be easy to use and learn.
  • The price should correspond to the production scale.
  • It should correspond to a specific type of work and contain all the necessary functions.

That is why we frequently offer Custom CAD systems to our clients.


CAD systems are used for:

Building plans

It is possible to create building plans that comply with quality standards and clients’ requirements with the help of CAD systems. They contain tools for cooperation with architects, contractors and suppliers. These systems assist in providing more grounded design solutions.

  • Visualise and enhance the cooperation.
  • Provide the possibility to consider and study all possible design options of the building.
  • Provide the possibility to demonstrate detailed drawings that are helpful in conveying the requirements and wishes for the final result to contractors in the best way.
  • Help to present the project to clients and receive amendments from them.
  • Provide the possibility of quick evaluation of the projects before their creation.

Offices and accommodations plans

It is possible to create interior designs for various purposes, from apartments to commercial spaces using the proper software. CAD systems for designers provide the possibility to:

  • Create visually appealing designs, arrange furniture and household appliances.
  • Choose materials that will be used in construction and reparation.
  • Calculate the exact position of objects and convert these calculations into a technical task for contractors.
  • Create technical drawings and plans.
  • Think through all the smallest details.
  • Monitor the execution of work process and compare with the priority plan and visual.
  • Make accurate and clear presentations for clients.
  • Fulfil clients’ amendments quickly and efficiently.

The creation of specific details and parts of construction

CAD systems are often used not only for the creation of an entire house, but also for the creation of only a part of it. It can be both a ready-made modular wall and the window itself. That is why it is significant to choose software that is suitable for the required type of work. 

CAD systems for designers provide the possibility to:

  • Create details and objects from scratch.
  • Save them for further modifications.
  • Automate the process of creation and transfer to contractors.
  • Visualise the objects and try them on the finished interior.
  • Check the dimensions and customise them according to the requirements.
  • CMonitor the quality and compliance with regulations.

Embrox has created a custom CAD system Window Design Creator


The end product is a Client-Server solution for the computer-aided design of doors / windows / blinds. The app provides the user with a possibility to create an order locally and send it to the server for production. An offline mode gives an opportunity to work locally without connection with the server.

The Embrox CAD team created a professional tool for designing new products based on templates or creating them from sketches. The application provides facilities for automatic calculation and collection of physical, economic, and production parameters, price estimation, and selling process control.

The application is compatible with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system parameters which provide exceptional performance at an effective cost.

We have made the use of the following technologies:

C++, QT /QML, JavaScript, RestFull API, Python, HTTP, RestFull, API

If you are interested in creating a custom CAD system, do not hesitate to contact us .

The consultation is free.