Case Study

EV Charging Platform

Industry: Energy


The application developed is an EV charging network for fast and easy access to certified charging stations.

It has been developed having three levels of application: mobile application and private office - for end users, owners of electric cars; backoffice - for partners, who own charging stations; supreme office - for the owners of the whole system.


  • Develop a durable platform architecture from scratch to be able to serve millions of users
  • Give ability for EV owners to reserve time slots for charging and to be sure that EV station will be available at this time
  • Connectivity for HORECA businesses
  • Bind together known charge point protocols and synchronize them to a single control server


In order to control all reservations the Embrox Team created a separate independent que server that collects requests, puts them in que and turns charging points on/off. The additional system was also developed for updating charging stations availability. For the end user's convenience EV stations are presented in different ways: on the map, as a list, grouped by categories. Also users can filter stations when they want to find the most suitable option for them. To be able to cover all known EV protocols, the Team has developed all versions of OCPP servers from scratch. Also, in order to be open and flexible to 3rd party partners, the development team has implemented an OCPI protocol which allows controlling charging points from anywhere. For a business that owns charging stations, a powerful dashboard tool was developed. It represents a web application for managing, controlling access to stations, reviewing analytical information and handling their billing data about charging transactions.

Key features

  • SAAS solution for partners
  • Multiplatform mobile applications
  • Super power CMS for the owners of the business
  • Big data analysis with artificial intelligence
  • Server solution for controlling work of charging stations
  • Finding charging stations
  • Booking charging sessions
  • Ability to book an additional service at the EV charging location like a hotel room or a table at a restaurant
  • Notifications about charging sessions, the number of kW received, and other necessary information
  • Option to pay for charging at paid stations directly via the application
  • Route planning equipped with an algorithm that will tell you which charging location is the most suitable for you
  • Filtering charging stations


Embrox developed a scalable system that binds all users and businesses together in one ecosystem.

As a result, the platform integrates more than 12,000 EV stations across the world and this number is growing.

The mobile applications help EV drivers build their routes through available charging stations at minimum time expenses. At the present time the platform’s partners can propose some of their additional services and attract new customers. From users' and partners' perspective the ecosystem is growing pretty rapidly, 10,000+ installs on Google Play Market confirm that.



Software Development
Back-End Development
Front-End Development
Mobile Application Development
Big Data Analytics


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