Drainage Gutter Cover

Industry: Manufacturing


A drainage gutter cover is a combination of a nice-looking product and a heavily loaded structural element. We see these every day, so the look of them should please our eyes. On the other hand, it should withstand heavy loads daily but be lightweight at the same time. This is where engineering skills step forward to help you find a balance between the look and functionality. A few iterations of FEA were performed to make sure the product met the requirements.


  • Lightweightness. Create a plastic drainage gutter cover that would be lighter than competitors.
  • Functionality. A cover should be designed for injection molding and to withstand trafic load.
  • Verification. Verify that the suggested materials are strong enough to do the job.

Key features

  • The cover should be a combination of a nice-looking product and a structural element with functionality


Our team used injection molding design rules while designing the product to make sure it would be possible to mold it in mass production. A few iterations of FEA were performed while modeling to verify which combination of cover design and material provided the best result.


The plastic cover is lighter than the competitors and withstands the required loads.


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